The Morphean

Modern Death Metal
Linz / Eferding (AT)

In the beginning of 2008 several magazines wrote about a new band, which was described as one of the best mid-tempo deathmetal bands in Austria. Their EP “Divine” hit the music market Lick a ten ton hammer and also convinced critical fans of the genre. Since their foundation in 2004 the five musicians played several gigs in their home country and produced two demos and a video.

An emotional and professional project grew up which also became famous far beyond the borders of their hometown. Time after time, the melodic style of music switched into deathmetal with melodic elements. The first product of this new symbiosis was the EP “Divine” which included five brutal tracks Lick “Bloodied Passion”.

Because of so many positive reaction the band decided to enter the Soundspur Records studio in the year 2009 to produce the most brutal and emotional tracks they ever made before. Martin Zeller was hired as the producer of this new CD. In june 2010 they released their new record “Enter The Illusion” via Refused Records. This was a great sign of life at the right time.

After the record was finished a line up change was fulfilled. Uli Meisinger (Black Velvet) became the new man behind the drums and put the music and sound on a new level. The first output of the new formed constellation was called “Crossroad” which was released as a single at the end of 2012.

Philip Seidl and „Suiseidl Studios“ became the right partners for their second full-length record. The band worked more professional and intense than ever on the 10 songs and took their music to a higher level. Fast, aggressive and catchy. A new bastard is born.


The Morphean - Crossroad