Linz (AT)

Raw, hard, dark, brutal and fucking loud, are all words used to describe the sound of him. Dubstep producer, live act, DJ and label owner - Animal Mother is a production power house and one of the most exciting talents in Austria to emerge the scene in recent times.

Growing up in a small village in Upper Austria, he started DJ'ing and experimenting with beats since the age of 16. Animal Mother spent much of his youth in record shops, studios and on many parties all over Europe. In november 2009 his first 4 tracker on the Scottish dubstep label Drop Da Bomb Records came in stores. Followed by the next releases in 2010. In september 2010 he was founding his own record label NO BASS NO FUN Records started with the first release by himself!

If you don't know Animal Mother, you don't know dubstep! Watch out for this guy and don't forget: No Bass No Fun!!!


Animal Mother - Time Flies